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Jesus Saves

At 22 years of age, I was saved from a life of sin and darkness by Jesus Christ. At the time Jesus delivered me I was running my own company and had all set in place to become a part-time male prostitute for all genders, a lifestyle I had already been living for some time.

I had become violent, developed a heavy drinking habit and was unable to develop any healthy relationships due to my hurts and darkness.When Jesus met me and spoke to me for the first time, He spoke so clearly:”If you come back now, we are going to do it together and we are going to go all the way. If you don’t come back now, you will never come back.”That day I came to Him wholeheartedly, He forgave me, delivered me and started changing me continuously. All of my past had lost its demonic grip and power over my life. Ever since that day on November 5 I have set out under the leading of the Holy Spirit to tell people and to tell you that there is no darkness or sin too great for Christ to forgive you and to deliver you.

He came for sinners to call them to repentance and it is you that He seeks to fill with His power and love through His Spirit. Jesus still seeks out enemy strongholds to destroy them by the power of the Cross and the Holy Spirit through a vessel like you!

The Battle Against the Baptism of Fire
February 6, 2023
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Books of the Bible: Luke
February 4, 2023
H&P 31:23
Healing & Prayer Service
February 1, 2023
The Battle For Fasting
January 30, 2023
Books of the Bible: MARK
Books of the Bible: Mark
January 28, 2023
H&P 1:24
Healing & Prayer Service
January 25, 2023